Nate is up to it again!

Friday, May 4, 2012

As if Nate Berkus couldn't get any cooler he goes and teams up with americas number one place to shop..... Target, duh!
Thats right ladies and gents he will be launching a new home line this October 21st.
Sad part is we have to wait till October to buy.
Best part it's starting at $5.99 to $149.00.
World rejoice even the poor people can buy it!

Check out what Nate has to say about this nugget of pleasure.
P.S. Why the hell can't my husbands hair look this good? 
And why didn't I get invited to this party?
I came to your all blogger audience even made eye contact with me for a brief millisecond.

Nate, send me your favorite item from the collection I will be sure to gush about it for months.....and whatever hair product you use, my man needs some help!

Enjoy a closer look at the collection:

Ooooo that's all.

I believe this to be my favorite piece thus far.
Worn wood and snakeskin, killing me!

You know where I will be Oct. 20th at midnight....hey you saw how that Missoni thing went down.


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