A lion and lucite...

Monday, May 7, 2012

Good morning.
The weekend was pretty good to me.
My store was crazy busy, which is always a great thing.
We made cookies, they were delish....may have eaten A LOT!
Now it is Monday.
And so our week begins.

Lets start it off with a tale of a pair of lions.
I found these two thrifting awhile back and knew I wanted to use them in something chic.
Not sure what their original purpose was, but I had plans!
And when I saw that my lucite rods fit perfectly into their mouths I knew they were a match made in heaven.

I bought my rods right from a sign making company in town...you know the ones that do graphics and signs for commercial biz.
I also found some on ebay.

To transform these beasts in to the new rod holders I picked up a few supplies.
I could only get the rod in 5ft lengths and my window required 10ft so a little piecing was required.
I drilled a small hole into the center of both rods and inserted a 1/4 inch acrylic rod with liquid nails to dry overnight.

I also picked up a wooden rod brace for the center and two wooded furniture legs to be my finial caps at the end of each side.
A little gold spray paint and the wooden pieces were good to go.

The hubster and I teamed up and got the lions into position.
After inserting the lucite into their mouths I glued the caps to each end.

Pretty chic huh?

I still have plans to paint the inside of my bookcase probably one of Anne Sloans Chalk Paints.

Booo there is never enough time.
Some more art will be nice too???

Well there you have it.
Make sure to pin it.


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