A sad day in my design world

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Alright lets be serious for a minute.
Remember when I posted about the HomeMint line here?
The one curated by Justin Timberlake and the makers of ShoeMint & JewelMint.
Well early access happen yesterday.
I was on pins and needles waiting to see what JT would pick for me after I took the design quiz.
When it finally said "our top picks for you".....
I cried.

Such high hopes for this site.
Justin what have you done to me?
On the good side...because I always try to find the silver lining.
It's not all bad, BUT the stuffs that's not bad, is pricey.
I mean high-end pricey! Isn't the whole pretense of ShoeMint and JewelMint that they have AH-MA-ZING
designs and an obtainable price?
Maybe they are going a whole different route with this one.
Here are some of the picks they had for me.
Cool items HUGE price tag!

 ***I would never pick any of this art in real life***

My 9 year old could do these in photoshop...for way less than the price tag of $399 and up!

Now just as disclaimer I took the quiz again using my hubby email and picked totally different answers and it still came back with all the above items.
Boooo it's so disappointing!
I wish so very much I didn't have to write this....sometime in design its just bad.
I am sorry Justin...stick to jeans. My ass looks great in them!

Come back tomorrow for better inspiring things.


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