A Color Story: Purple & Cognac

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So I woke up yesterday morning to add a couple things to my post.
{this one}
Only to find that my wireless keyboard was dead.
And guess what, because I have children I have no batteries.
They have been stolen and used them in every walkies talkie, flashlight, and  pooping doll available...the neighbors toys to I bet!
The frustrations of being a Mother.

That's why there was no post yesterday.

Enough of my sob story.
Enjoy what I put together a day ago.


Sometimes I am just fascinated with color stories.
This one intrigues me....masculine yet chic all at the same time.
Smooth worn leathers and sultry pops of purple.

Clutch rug Pouf

Mostly I die over the ensemble.


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