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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's no secret I love to read blogs, write blogs, meet bloggers and all things blogs.
But it may be a secret or at least it was, until I tell you, that I am obsessed with how people live.
Like in the weird way, that one of my favorite things to do in big cities or quaint neighborhoods is to walk around and look at houses and and make up stories about the people that live in them.
How they decorate.
Spend their evenings.
What the closet looks like....yadda yadda yadda.

It's like winning the lotto when someone has their window open and you can see from the sidewalk
and its just what you imagined.

Tell me I am not the only one???

Oh well if I am!
It's that kind of craziness that inspired me to start this new series about my favorite bloggers and an inside peek into:

Hold the applause.

Who am I kidding?

Cue applause.

First up is the umber talented web designer Shari from

~Where do you live? 
We live in a historic flat in downtown Savannah.  I am always inspired by the history, and I love the details, hardwood floors, the moulding, the plaster walls and our huge windows.  Really, we're so lucky to live where we do.  I'm not a fan of Savannah, it's too hot, humid and small-town for my taste, but when I get home, I love it.  And I always have the A/C on high! 

~Why did you start your blog? 
February 14 of 2010.  Valentine's Day.  I started it because I had just left a corporate job that I absolutely hated and I was at loose ends, so I decided to start a blog.  And, well, I guess the rest is history.  My blog and design business are my livelihood.  

~What kind of attire do you usually rock while blogging? 

I am SO particular about this!  Since I work from home, I could technically be in my Dropkick Murphys Fenway Park tee and sweatpants all day and no one would know the diff, but I am adamant about getting up early, showering, and getting dressed (including shoes) every day.  I have to act like I'm going to the office.  The only bad thing is sometimes I have on a really cute outfit and no one sees it but my husband!  But yeah, no sweats, no pjs, no slippers.  Hair done, makeup on.
{I am in awe}

~Are you overly organized or organized chaos?
Organized.  It might be a sickness. 

~What kind of music do you jam out to?
A lot of the work I do requires a lot of concentration (which is weird, because I'm an artist but I actually do a ton of thinking when I work so sometimes music is really distracting).  So, mostly silence but yes I do jam out periodically, if I'm in the mood, I love The Drums, saw them at Bowery Ballroom in the fall and they were ah-maze.  Also love Class Actress, Friends, Tegan and Sara, Passion Pit, I'm an indie girl.  Waiting for the next big album of 2012 and it isn't Lana Del Rey!  

~If your space had a scent what would it be?
Diptyque Figuier, my favorite candle.  And, unfortunately, cigarette smoke.  

~Tell us about your space.
My space occurred kind of haphazardly.  I think this is the best way, to decorate with items accumulated over time.  Some of my favorite pieces are my "Keep Calm and Ramble On" poster, which I made, and my Mariska Meijers pillows.  She was my first client and I absolutely love her!  I like to think outside of the box when it comes to decor, for example, a friend gave me a gorgeous silk nightgown for my engagement, which of course I would never wear because I would totally spill on it or something, so I hung it above my bed.  Voila, instant decor!  

~Where do you see your blog/business in 5 years?
Oh my gosh I better have more employees at LBD otherwise I will be in a mental ward!  Or hospitalized with an ulcer! 

~Do you keep treats hidden in your desk for late night blog stalking?
I am not a huge sweet eater but I do enjoy a nice bowl of Quaker Oat Squares.  Every night.  Bor-ing!  
~Favorite memory good or bad that happened due to blogging.
Oh man.  My blog has changed my life.  I wish I could take my little show on the road as like an inspirational speaker or something (ha ha no way), but I had no plans when I started Little Blue Deer, I just wanted to talk about what I love, design of all kinds, graphic, interior, fashion.  And because I was devoted to my blog and I had a great passion for what I was talking about and writing about, it grew into a thriving business.  I am a graphic designer by trade, but this was a whole new outlet, I never felt like I could be that creative at other jobs, and now I can be as creative as my clients want me to be and that is awesome!  And actually, I get far more hate mail than love mail.  For some reason people seem to find the photos I post on the blog offensive (and I admit, I do like to stir it up).  So, nothing stands out, but I have to laugh a little and feel sad for people who don't have anything better to do than send me emails stating that they are offended by the photos I post, or that they're ugly.  I dream of the day I will have time enough to send hate mail, ha ha!  Just kidding, I never would.  Seriously, I never would.  Me-ow!!!  
Love ya Amanda!  

Gahh I adore this girl.
On a side note she designed my blog and several other lovely ones! Hop over and check her out here to see all her work!
Send her my love!

A new blogger coming next month! I will start giving hints soon!

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