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Monday, June 25, 2012

Good morning bright eyes!
How was that weekend of yours?

I had a pretty rockin' time.
Went to AZ to check in on a design job, it's coming along nicely...more to come on that soon enough.
Plus I hung with my very favorite friends for some grown up time.
Real nice.
I am feeling pretty refreshed and ready to start this week off right.

Everybody lurves a good room to wardrobe post...or maybe just I do?
But this is my blog so I guess I will post about the stuff I like.

I know I am not exactly doing anything that hasn't been done with this topic, but my amazingly talented and stunningly gorgeous daughter has been wanting to collaborate with her mamma on a post so I thought what better way to do it.

Her chic taste in attire paired with a wee ones room.
Done and done.

For the sake of a good name we ware going to call her posts,

Pretty suiting given she rocks the middle name of Dahl....and she is a doll.

Haislee's favorite picks in fashion translated into a room she could live with.

Girls got style.

Maybe mamma will move over and let her do the blogging.

Look one Room one
Look two Room two

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  1. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh. She is such a doll!! And these boards are perfection! Way to come out swinging Dahl!!


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