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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Yesterday was good.
I got shizz done ya'll.

This project has been on the to do list for....well for about as long as pinterest's birth.
I love and hate that site for many reasons.
Mostly love, but you understand.

This is the inspiration I pinned many many months ago.

Utterly creepy cool non?

I have had this bust in the store for a long time.

He has had his use in many great displays.
Lucky for me, folks around here underestimate how faboosh busts are and he has never sold.
Their loss....suckers.

I started with this.
Shells,  misc clip-on earrings and broches.

And glued till all my fingers had a least one major burn each.

This is the finished bedazzled God.

Then he went glossy lacquer white.

Pretty freakin sweet huh?

The cost for this crisp little number was about $28.00.
I am pretty sure I could fetch a good penny for him if I chose to sell....I think not.


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