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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I am nearing the end of 

The budget is getting depleted. 
Time to think about how to add a few more layers without busting the seems.

I need some small art pieces so I started to think of some ideas on ones I could create on my own.
A DIY was in order.

Holy pintrest has a million.
I don't consider myself crafty or artistic so I am not gonna lie, sweat started to bead up at the thought of trying my hand at some of these so called "easy art ideas".

Plus what if it looked horrible and I just flushed that dough down the drain???

Plan B.


Chic and feminine.
Photoshop and a printer.

Done and done.

It gets even better.

There is a site that YOU can just pick your color, font and type in your initials and 


A perfect monogram in the proper proportions.


Totally in my budget.


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