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Thursday, July 19, 2012

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What could be better?

I had just about as much trouble picking out a Chandelier sleeve as I did choosing a favorite heel from the Jimmy Choo Summer collection.

You can imagine.

No joke here chickadee it's like a grown up candy store.
Plus you can update your lighting fixtures in pretty much under a minute.

Done and done.

And then there was thissssss.......

Pretty much I am gaga!

Now here's where you come in.
A girl like me could use some help in picking the purrrfect sleeve for my newly installed vintage sconces.

Now go on and pick one.

I swear to hook you up with some super sweet "after" pics once we nail it down.
So vote.

If you want to update your chady be sure to make Kaarskoker your number one stop!
I am dying to know which ones you will take home.


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