Nailed it...triple snap in a Z form.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Monday love~cats!
Hope the weekend was a bunny.

Lets just dive right in and discuss how this room "nailed it".
This great little space is designed by Alexandra Angle Interior Design.
Quickly becoming a new fav in design.
It's really quite simple, but visually stimulating.

The Break down.

1. Geesh the rug. I want to marry the rug. Roll all around and make faux snow angles over the silky threads.....ahhh moving on.
2. Lacquered walls...ummm duh they are in a lovely creamy color and glossy, enough said.
3. Abstract art in a minimal frame....draw the eye right in.
4. The vintage shell chairs. I adore the color, shape, and placement. 

If there were a fire I don't know what I would save first.
Really the hot sweats over which piece to risk my own life's just painstaking!

What would you do?


1 comment:

  1. Can we be sister wives to that rug? I mean, I love it that much....

    Xx. Patience


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