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Friday, August 17, 2012

It's Friday everyone!
That calls for a little celebration.
Apparently there is a helium shortage in Utah so the balloons I bought for my kids back to school photo's are flat. 
No, I am not joking....I thought the person on the other end of the phone was, until about the third call.
Where is all the helium you ask?
I have come up with many plausible answers but the truth is I have no idea.
Some one out there is making all kinds of smurf voices and high off their @$$.

Instead maybe I can entertain you with dots.
You know you love them, we all do.
Last week some one instagramed this adorable denim shirt from GAP.

Turns out there is a shortage of these too.
Gone, nada, zero.

So I did what any smart woman would do and pulled out last seasons denim top and covered it with my own dots.

I used .97 fabric paint from JoAnns and a circle foam tip.

 Super easy and dried really fast.
I didn't use any kind of pattern just sorta hand laid them out.
In fact it was so fun I am thinking of more thing to cover in dots........

Styled for a night with the hubster.
Gonna go see Borne tonight.

Have a lovely weekend.


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