The Brinton-Dahl House #7.....

Monday, August 6, 2012

Wow I could really use 2 more hours of sleep right now.
Monday is off to a rough start.

I did have a pretty great weekend, full of surprises.
We had a few hours to bum around and check out the SLC Parade of Homes.
Here is the really cool part, one of the homes was a remodel {which I adore because it really shows what you can do with what you have}
But the best part was that it was a home that my ancestors owned.

My Great Great Grandfather.
Yup the Historic Dahl House, number 7 incase you want to stop by.

The bummer is it's not in our family anymore....some looser sold it off.
If I had a cold million I could by it back.
Pocket change right?

Let's tour it.

Although it's not completely in my style I think the designer did a lovely job retaining the historic charm and integrity of the home.

Sometimes the house gets to decide how its decorated.

You know how I adore spooky portrait pics.

Glossy ceilings well done.

Not a fan of the blue granite...seems really out of place?

With old house's comes all the great nooks and crannies you just don't see anymore.

The back yard was a real treat.
Lanterns hung everywhere and HUGE shade trees.

Damn those Dahl's......sure wish we still owned this place.
See ya tomorrow.


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