I met someone new....

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Every now and then I score something big.
Huge really.

I came across this yesterday and knew I had to make him mine.
Everyone meet.....


A vintage Chesterfield sofa in oxblood leather.
Mine for just $60 bones.

He has a few kitty cat scratches, but with a little leather moisturizer he will handsome right up.

Lets be inspired by this sofa.....

Chester plays well with light and bright.

Even dramatic and dark....

Or maybe a little something more masculine...non?

And just for kicks I made a little mood board for the handsome devil.

Don't be to jelly he may just end up for sale in my shop.
I just can't find a spot for him in my house.

If your looking for some design help with your home shoot me and email.
It's such a great price, and the most budget friendly way to hire a designer.


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  1. Omg!!!! Best find EVER!!! Super jeals over here!

    Xx. Patience


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