Ikea hits the mother load....

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ikea has nailed it.
I just found these sweet eyelet detailed sheets in white...holla!

Best part $40 bones.

The detail is so delicate and feminine.
I was a goner.

Tiny fabric covered buttons and more eyelet.

Let's breakdown my tips to making a sleep worthy bed.
 It starts with 3 layers.


Textured/quilted blanket....washable.
{I layer with this because it keeps the expensive duvet or quilt from getting dirty as often} 

{buy something solid, changing out pillows and blankets will be more cost effective}

Loads of way to arrange your pillows!
But I try to tie the duvet into it by using one pillow that coordinates with it.
Texture, texture, texture.
Mix patterns.
Voila you will have a magazine worthy bed.
Now you just have to make it everyday.

Hey yo, I also suggest buying the BEST mattress you can afford.
I spent years on a crap one, and just last night spent a night in heaven.

If your like me you book hotels based on how great their beds are.
My favorite hotel is in Vegas so I called them up to find out what beds they had and guess what....
I bought it!

But not until I spent the day laying around on every mattress in the store.
Take your shoes off.
Spend at least 5 min snuggling how you do every night...side, back, tummy.
Test them all.
Trust me you will find the one.
It will be worth it.


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