To beach or not to beach?

Friday, August 31, 2012

Hallafreakinluia it's Friday annnd it's a long weekend.
I am all kinds of giddy because we are heading to the beach.
Cartwheels, air high fives, and hell ya!

It's been way to long since I have wiggled my little toes in the sand and surfed.
It's going to be faboosh.
3 whole days of doing nothing and loving it.


Of course I will need a few essentials.

That Coola sunblock line is the cats meeeyow!
Every scent  smells so yummy and the cool protection is great.

I noticed yesterday some of my favorite bloggers also had a bit of beach fever.
Must be the last dog days of summer.
For a little more surf.....Check out Chassity's post here, and Jenny's here.

Happy loooong weekend, catch ya on the flip side!



  1. So much fun, gotta soak it up while you can! I am totally a sunscreen *junkie* (seeing as I burn if I just *think* about going in the sun), so I'm picking up some of that Coola for SURE! Have a great weekend, girlie!

  2. I'm taking Lil t the beach tonight to see the moon :) xx

  3. I love that bikini. Have a great time! I wish we had a beach nearby. Happy weekending

  4. That suit!!!! Have fun being gorgeous and lazy!


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