Sandy Bums...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ok so this weekend was everything I hoped it would be and more.
The beach, flea marketing, AH-Mazing food and my family all to myself.
Can't every weekend be like that?

Every now and then I surprise myself with an outstanding Iphone pic, and here is my winner from the weekend.

How much do you want to pinch those sandy cheeks?

The ocean gets me all nuts about owning a beach front property.
We are going to make this happen for us.
So in the mean time here is what I may file away for future design purposes.
This is my more rustic idea...I flip flop back and forth on this and a more clean modern approach.

Rule number one for me is a leather sofa at the beach...wet sandy bums from ocean waves curl up on them and if you spent time at the beach it's humid so it takes longer to dry off.
Leather all the way!

Shoot me an email if you need help designing a space for yourself.
Beach or otherwise.



  1. That picture you took is amazing and I hear you on the beach house your plan!!!

  2. what a great photo!! I love it! Glad you had such a perfect weekend!

  3. That really is darn adorable...there really isn't anything cuter than the wee ones having a great time on the beach, sandy bums are a MUST!!! (c; And *definitely* owning a beach the bright boho vibe of yours...we can be neighbors (c;

  4. Can we just be the three best friends that anyone could have? {you, me and Aubrey} and we can live at the ever! Dying to have a sofa like that....even in the desert.

    xx. Patience

  5. That's pro material for sure!


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