The coolest Grandma EVER....

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I know some pretty cool ladies, but what I wouldn't give to hang out with Linda Rodin in her NYC apartment.
Just for tea or something.

She and Winky have gotta have some crazy stories.

I know you may have seen these around the web, but come on this grandma deserves a second look.

The diggs are a little organized hoardish for my taste but you gotta respect that she loves everything around her.
That's all design is really about!

To see more of her space check it out here at Refinery29.



  1. I saw her reminds me of my aunts house...she loves living with all her treasures around her and it kinds of looks as the thigns were suffocating her....but she loves ...and she is just as stylish as Linda ROdin.

  2. I was giggling about the "organized hoardish" because that was *exactly* what was going through my head...of course I was also thinking she is "awesome insane-ish"...isn't that a great combo? (c:


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