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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Well we are over the hump and onto Thursday.
I am still wishing I was at the beach, but because I am not these 3 things are making me smile for now.

{New fluffy white towels}

These never fail to make me happy, right up there with clean white sheets I tell ya.

My Summer staples are being replace by the Fall favorites.
Organizing is happening.

You may have noticed that all the goodies have been removed for my online shop.
Thats because it wasn't looking how I imagined it to be.
A busy life prevented me from getting it to be perfect before opening it.

I have a little more time now so everything worthy is being re-photographed and edited, making it all the same size and look.

Fingers crossed it will be done in the next few days and I will re-launch my online baby.
Here is a peek and some of the "new" vintage baubles you will see.

I am trying hard not to keep those 1940's sconces!
Can you just imagine them in a girls room???



  1. Can't wait for the re-launch! Oh and thanks for the six-pack inspiration!

  2. i would have crispy fresh sheets everyday if i could!!! best. ever.

    looking forward to the relaunch, sista.

  3. I've been trying to get to your shop! Do you still have the macaron trinket boxes? If so, do you have the rouge (darker pink) color? How much is the trinket box and what is the cost for shipping? Many thanks! ;) Kristi

  4. I was totally imagining those babies in a little gal's room! And it is BOMB (c: There really isn't anything better than brand new white towels...especially for someone as OCD as me (c:

  5. White towels are the best!!!

    Can't wait for the relaunch. Loving those dogs. I've never meant a ceramic animal I didn't get along with.

    xx. Patience


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