Layers and layers....

Friday, September 7, 2012

Crisp Fall weather is just around the corner.
It has me organizing my closet and make-up drawer making room for the essentials of the season.
Cashmere, coco, and dark berry colors are starting to appear.

With the switch of the climate I am enjoying my windows open at night and the cool breeze, but it's got me thinking about my bed.
I like to switch things up for the season.
I adore my new white sheets I just purchased so I think I will try to make them work them into the new layers.

I have a couple of luxe fur pillows {like these} at the top, but was thinking I could bring in a little more.
Or would it be to much?

This space did it with success...non?

The pallet is more neutral then mine but I think it could still be done.

Seriously gaga over this idea.
I have small children so the art work as much as I adore could never be...for now.

Another bed with multiple furs.
And mixed animal prints to.

This is the fur I am thinking of.....
maybe as the 2nd layer.

Oh I love how the fitted sheet is white with a camel top sheet....this is a great season switch!
The rest of the space it a tad to preppy for my taste but the idea is a winner!

Or maybe just stick with my white sheets and a fur comforter.

Decisions decisions.
I guess whatever I choose its a good season to cuddle.


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  1. Wow, first image is uber gorgeous! It's still so hot here but wouldn't I love to add a fur when things cool down a bit!

    1. Yeah its still pretty hot here too...just thinking ahead :)

  2. These are all so glamorous and dramatic! I like it..very sexy spaces. Show us what you end up doing! Nothing like cuddles, hot chocolate in a fur blanket!!

  3. It's way too hot in AZ still....but after seeing these photos, who cares? Bring on the fur layers!!!

    xx. Patience

  4. AH! I just moved my faux fur cover to the foot of my bed - love this look!


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