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Friday, August 24, 2012

I am all kinds of giddy this morning to have Erica from Radiant Republic join me for...

She has long time been one of my daily reads and meeting her in person last trip to NY sealed the deal.
I hope you love her as much as I do!


Describe your space in 3 words.
Understated, evolving, sanctuary 

What inspires you most in your space?
A few rotating photos of friends and family are constant sources of inspiration.  I also have a quote from a fortune cookie hanging on my pinboard.  It says, "For success today, look first to yourself."

What time of day do you usually blog at?
I love savoring our quiet house in the morning.  I usually blog while sipping my first coffee of the day.  

What kind of attire do you usually rock while blogging?
This varies. I would love to tell you that I'm always showered and dressed with a full face of makeup when I sit down to my computer.  In reality, I'm more likely rocking bedhead and flannel shorts.

Is your space overly organized or a total mess?
This, too, varies!  I can't work among chaos, so I keep "neat piles."  Can anyone relate to this? Anyone else might call my desktop a little un-tidy, but my neat piles make me feel organized.  I can find anything!  
On another note, I do clean my desk on weekends.  Monday mornings are the only time I can be found at a perfectly organized desk.

Do you like to jam out while blogging?  To who?
For longer projects, I do jam out at my desk.  And I LOVE Jay Z, Paul Simon and Kings of Leon.  

If your space had a signature scent, what would it be?
This is easy! Diptyque's Baies scent is my favorite!  It makes me feel relaxed and elegant (even in a messy space) all at once!  I love the sultry smell of blackcurrant. 

Why did you start your blog?
I wanted to blend my loves of interiors, style and story-telling.  What I haven't told many people is that I started my first blog in 2009, but never had the courage to publish it publicly.  Finally, the courage came in 2011!

Where do you see it and you in 5 years?
I see Radiant Republic (fingers crossed!) spinning into a series of writing and styling projects.  I've really loved getting to know and work with other wonderful companies and have had exciting writing and styling projects stem from my blog this year. I plan to grow this side of my blog while running my other dream business, which is scheduled to launch this October!  More to come very soon! 

Favorite memory - good or bad - that came from blogging?
I say this over and over and I just can't reiterate enough...  the wonderful fellow bloggers with whom I've been truly lucky to connect in real life have contributed to my most fond blogging moments.  I am so fortunate to be part of such an inspiring and supportive community and owe my very favorite moments to these wonderul people - like you, Amanda!  Thank you so much for having me today!!!


Truly my pleasure E.
Don't you love getting to see the blogger behind the scene?
These posts are just as fun for me, getting to see how they work and where.
Happy weekend love~cats.


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