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Monday, August 27, 2012

Alright friends I am calling on you for some input.
Like phone a friend.

Here is the dilemma. I have been in need of a new chair for my front room for longer than I care to admit.
This is the huge piece of brown pooh I have now.

Don't judge.
Even better I have two....I know your jealous.
I have had it for about 8 years now. Brown was cool then.
It's wayyyy to traditional for me and again brown, very, very brown.

I have looked at many options but have now narrowed it down to 2 favorites.
Both from my girl Roxy at Society Social.

If you don't know who she is get with the program check her out.
This chick has the coolest line of bar carts.
Just like Justin brought sexy back, she brought the bar cart back.

Soooo back to the chairs.

Option one:

I would do it in Seafoam velvet with Navy Pipping.
Question? I already have a fully upholstered chair in all white on the other side of the fire place.
Can I have another...or to much heavy fabric.

Option two:

Gold with Mint upholstery.
Question is seems on the smaller side?
34 1/2" W x 25 1/2" D total (22"D Seat) x  34"H
 Think thats okay?

Okay ladies one of these chairs is getting ordered so please throw in your vote, my husband is only thinking about cost and not the whole picture.

Which chair should replace the poop.
{Sorry for the crapy Iphone photo it was late}



  1. I love Roxy!! Se is so sweet, such a fab entrepreneur and so hardworking....AND she has AMAZING taste! I don't think you can go wrong but I lean toward the Beverly. Let us know what you chose.

  2. I wanna go with the upholstered one in seafoam velvet. It will add color and style and still be super comfy :o)

  3. I love Beverly best but with your coffee table being brass and the larger scale of the other chair I say go with the Madeline. A good problem to have! .. Good luck!

  4. Daaaang that's tough. I love 'em both. Maybe go for the bigger one.

  5. I think the beverly is too small, I would go with the larger one.

  6. I vote for Madeline.


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