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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's a crisp Fall morning today!
These mornings are my favorite....your windows can be open all night to let in the cool breeze but by midmorning it's warm and sunny.

Demo is under way on my new store.
Some major decisions have been finalized, and I am giddy with excitement.
Lets talk powder rooms shall we.

The shop has a tiny one.
And when I say tine I mean the fixtures as in the toilet feels like a nursery school one.
Because of my plans and the cost to replace it, teeny tiny toilet stays.
Really it was that or wallpaper.
You can guess what I picked.

The ceilings are also pretty low so I have picked a glam flush mount light.
Both of the designs will have a dark painted ceiling in lacquer.....yum!

So lets talk designs.
I need your input!

I have decided an all over application of wall coverings.
These are my top two choices that will work in my budget....I really had my heart set on some others
but the painting and signage on the outside of the store is a small fortune by itself.

Option one:


Option two:

Both wallpapers are flocked and full of personality.
I really could go either way.
So start the discussion.
Which do you like better and why?



  1. Ohh totally like the bottom one. Brightens it up.

  2. Such a tough call I love the skulls, but love the feminine look of the bottom, and the splashes of color... Not sure if that helps but you really can not go wrong. So excited I get to be close during the transformation!! :) xoxo

  3. I'm such a sucker for skulls...I'm not really sure why exactly...but I'm also a sucker for venetian mirrors and tufting! Oh what to do, what to do! Dang it's difficult to decide when all the options are so yummy (c:

  4. COngrats on the store angel face! I'm all about the Modern Marie!

  5. I love the bottom one! I think it's a little more inviting than the skulls, which are also amazing, but over all the look of the second one is my favorite.


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