Still not decided....

Thursday, September 20, 2012

First things first.
A million huge thank you's and virtual hugs.
You dolls were so sweet with all your encouraging words and support for my new adventure.
The new store is going to am-az-ing and I can't wait to share it all with you!

 It was a pretty close tie between the black and the white brick facade.
Your tweets and comments were are very helpful.
Now it's just down to these two options.
Black or white.

Let me share why I am leaning to the white and have you weight in once more.

I don't want to be tied into any color per say so these two options are defiantly the best.
On the white brick I would also be trimming out the doors and windows with black.
An awning is a must and black is top of my list.
Like this one.

If I go black brick I have to have a colored awning {again I don't want to be stuck with a certain color} or black and white striped, which I already have.

White is sort of a fresh start.
I won't feel tied into any color and it just feels chic....very channel if you will.

This is all so difficult.
I think you can see why I am so torn.
The old saying "everything is not always black and white" really rings a bell right now.

 Once again your thoughts are priceless.



  1. First of all, congrats on your courage to dream a little bigger! Black is incredibly chic and so of the moment, but I think white is timeless and will be chic no matter the trend. Good luck - excited to follow along on your journey!

  2. You can't go wrong...but for some reason I keep leaning toward the black?? Either would be great though.....what kind of personality do you want the store to have? chic and fresh? interesting and moody? maybe figure it out that way?

  3. I think white is perfect. Like Kim said, it really is timeless. I feel like its a clean slate, a new beginning. My vote is white!

  4. I'm going to say my official vote is white with black windows/trim...just like I want for my house:)))


Your thoughts are priceless...thank you.

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