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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's finally here!
Paper are signed and the details discussed.
My sweet little shop in Souther Utah is moving to a much needed bigger location!

A dream location.
Right down in the heart of our historic downtown.
Seriously can't stop doing cartwheels!
The best part is you get to go along on the journey of from old dilapidated building into the chicest place in Cedar to shop!

I am so up to the challenge.
So here is what I am thinking for the exterior.
This is what makes everyone want to stop throw in your two cents!

I think I will add some planters in the Spring but our open dated is November 1st so no point to plant anything yet.

I do really want a lovely tree of some sort next to the front door in a LARGE pot and a pop of color, so please share if you know any great spots to buy one from!

Some of the other options are as follows:

An all black facia.

A minty option.
{I do adore this but am afraid I may bore of it and it cost big $$$ to paint a whole building}

So there you have it my big news!
I couldn't be prouder of my little shop spreading her wings and moving on to a new start!
Here's to making dreams come true!

So weight in and tell me what you think my new location should look like!



  1. This is a HUGE secret! Congrats!I love the black store front.

  2. Oh my geeze...this is HUGE news- you are totally living my dream young lady- a huge, huge congrats!!! My vote goes to the all black front- love, love! 2nd would be the white- I agree that the mint might get tiring after a while, though it is very pretty!

  3. Congratulations!! this is BIG!! So happy for you. I love the black storefront with planters flanking the entrance. Wao this is a big week for you...yeay! Cheers! Onward and Upward!

  4. CONGRATS, Amanda! I am so excited for you! I love the all white with black awning and cute signage option. Eeeek!

  5. YEEEEESSSS!!! That is absolutely fantastic and I'm positive that it's going to be EPIC! I would have to go with the black, too...just for the fact that it seems to keep off the stains/grime better (yes, even store fronts get grimy, right? (c:) And I would completely go in to a shop solely based on fabulous signage (c:

  6. I lean more toward the black. It's Timeless! Congrats Sis. So happy for you. :)

  7. Congrats! How exciting for you! I adore the white its classic.

  8. Congratulations, Amanda! That is soooo fabulous!!! I'm loving the black!!!

  9. Love the all white. Awnings are amazing too. I need to come down to visit. I am obsessed with your store.

  10. I love this! I think all white or all black would look awesome in downtown. Cedar needs more shops like you! Good job! I can't wait to see it when I come back for Christmas :)

  11. Amazing!!! So absolutely excited for you!!!!! Adore the concept and I am excited to see it all come together. xoxo

  12. i'd say white! but point well made with the grime... soooooooo excited!!!! congrats, seriously exciting.


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