Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thanks for all the well wishes yesterday, the segment was a success!
It may be strange to admit but I really adore doing TV.
As soon as my shoot becomes available I will post it for all of you out of staters to critique.
But really all your support makes me feel so loved!

For whatever reason my TV attire did not show up on my post yesterday so I thought I would repost it and share a little room inspiration that came from it.

How I wore it.

How I would live in it.

I am so attracted to rich dark colors right it the Fall in the air but they really make me want to snuggle up and read.

What's your favorite Fall color?



  1. I'm sure you rocked the crap out of your TV appearance- can't wait to see it. And yes please to both the ensemble and the room!!

  2. Yes!!!! You looked beautiful I bet. Can't wait to see the segment!

  3. Shut the eff up...please tell me that those gorgeous Loubies really did make a TV appearance, they are to. DIE. for! That is an amazing opportunity and I love that you love it(I've heard it's actually a lot harder than it looks...y'know, from Design Star and stuff (c;)!


Your thoughts are priceless...thank you.

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