How about a printed roller....

Friday, October 26, 2012

It's Friday!
I really can't believe how quick the week flew by.
Kinda the feeling of not much got done.
I am really going to have to pull it together this weekend!

I am sure you may have seen these little rollers on the blog-a-sphere, but if not they are just to cool not to share.

Patterned paint rollers...imagine the possibilities!
And even cooler they are an etsy know how I adore etsy!

It's suppose to be easy peasy.
Pick a roller and a pattern and off you go.

Currently they have a bout 7 patterns.
Some feel a little small for a wall treatment for my taste....I like large scale patterns.
But how cool would they be on fabric, custom prints hell ya!

I am digging the faux a gold metallic yay?

That tribal one gets more and more interesting every time I see it.
Wheels are spinning.

Happy weekend lovers.



  1. Seems so obvious...I wonder why no one had thought of it before! Love it! and no I had not seen this before today, so thanks!! I favorited them on my etsy. happy weekend!

  2. These are amazing - ditto Albertina's comment: why had no one thought of it before? Genius!

  3. Great idea! Love the different choices!
    xo Carla

  4. To be honest I have first time came to know about such patterned rollers. THanks a lost Michael for sharing such nice pictures and some ideas. incredible.

    ~ Herman Swan


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