It's a.......GIRL!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ha me preggo's? No way I am DONE, finito, closed for business.
I am just talking about my chair....keep reading.

Things have been very exciting around here.

She came!
My custom Madeline chair!
You know the one I posted about ay' six weeks all her minty glory and wrapped in a big navy welting bow!

Oh she is even more fabulous in person.
I had her made by Roxy...just this super fly chick in NY that owns an ubber chic online store called've heard of the place?
Of course you have.
{RE}cycled readers are up on all the best little gems...non?

Since you know how ridiculously cool her shop is let me just confirm that her stuff is worth every penny!
My chair is luxe and even passed the critical eye of my grumpy hubby who thinks there has to be a better deal.
He was SOLD.
Even wants to know what I am ordering next....chaw ching!

Here's how the deal went down.
I shopped, picked a chair, carefully chose a color and contrast welting.....and 6 weeks later my baby Madeline was delivered to her new spot in my front room.

I truly am blown away with the quality and customer care.
I met Roxy awhile back in NY and she is truly as charming as you would imagine her to be.
She lights up a room...literally!
I adored that she even took the time to call after my chair came to see if I like it.
Liked it??? I am madly in love!
That crazy sick kind with loads of PDA!

Roxy has even added pillows and vintage items to her shop.
Mama's shopin' early for xmas this year.

I give this shop 10 thumbs up {I am back by my families little thumbs too}
Thanks Roxy we love her.



  1. love that pink chair! adorable!

  2. yeay!!!! I love Roxy!! I agree 100% with everything you said.....she is wonderful, hard working, sweet, chic......Take a photo of it in the new space!!

  3. Oh that chair is perfection...minty green!!! And seriously, I can't believe all the drool worthy can't get here soon enough!!

  4. What a BEAUTY!!! Love it!
    xo Carla


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