A Haunted Tour....and a How to.

Friday, October 19, 2012

And I am late getting my post up again today.
I hope that all will be forgiven and you guys will hang in there.
I promise things will be back to normal as soon as I get this new store opened.
It's coming along, just not fast enough.

Do you follow on instagram?
I have been sharing loads of the updates.
My tag is @rcycled if you want peaks of the happening.
As promised I have some pics of my haunted house for 
Lets tour.

The how to and other lovely painted pumpkins can be seen in my article for 

Happy weekend see you all Monday.



  1. You better believe I stalk you on Instgram!

  2. Awesome!! So cute! and those pumpkins are fab! But of course they had to be!


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