A flash back...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday already?
How on earth did that happen?
I feel like the day are just screaming by and inching closer to the grand re-opening party night.

Every year we do a Holiday party unveiling our Holiday window and Christmas line.
With both the moving of the store and this party going on I am a little stressed that is won't turn out as fabulous as the past years.

The theme this year is going back to the 1960's with a Mad Men dinner party.
I am hoping all works out an we will actually have live models in the window changing poses every couple of minutes.

This is the direction the window is going to take.

There are a few little surprises I will keep to the reveal but you get the idea.
November 2nd is right around the corner.
I wish you all could join!



  1. Cant wait!!! :)
    xo Carla


  2. Wow I love Mad Men and all vintage items!
    Can't wait to see that :)


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