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Monday, October 8, 2012

Good-morning love~cats.

Well that weekend went by with a hop skip and a jump.
Don't get me wrong it was lovely just a wee bit fast.
I had some family drop in for brunch yesterday, it was delish.
Avocado chipotle eggs benedict and fresh blueberry muffins.
I was happy.

So many good things went down at project new store.
Lets recap.

First my ceilings when the most perfect shade of matte charcoal.
Caviar by Sherwin Williams.
Vintage ceiling tiles have never looked so good.

Next there was a little up cycle of vintage frames.
Yup they are now the facia of my new front counter.
I even hung them myself....with a nail gun.
Be impressed.

There is still some more work involved with this project but its coming along.

Oh and then there was paper lots and lots of paper.

The dressing room.
I am hoping this all turns out the way I plan....but this design is suppose to be an interactive wall with my shoppers.
I have created a hashtag for the shop and we plan to print out favorite instagram shots that our clients take using i.e. furniture accessories or clothing that they purchase from {re}cycled.
We also purchased a vintage polaroid for them to take fun shots while shopping with us.
Dress up and big girl play time if you will.

This way it's always changing and its a local collaboration.
Fingers crossed it turns out how I dreamed.

And if that paper is not enough.
I give you the powder room.
The mini subways go all the way from the floor to the ceiling and the wallpaper is flocked heaven.
The little gem of a light is all gold and crystal.
She really feels like a little cherry on top.

I am still working on a mirror and art.
I had plans for another design but the paper I wanted was not back in stock by my time crunch.
Not complaining because I am gaga over this room.
I will sit my little tush down and smile ear to ear with pleasure over this beauty for a long time.

I think there was a lot of stuff crammed into and ity bity 2 days.

Enough about me...what did you do love?



  1. officially obsessed.... love the wallpapers and the vintage polaroid is such a great idea!!!

  2. Holy goodness...LOVE the ceiling and painted brick, love the interactive paper idea and love, love that bathroom fantastica- can't wait to see it all done!!!!

  3. you are moving so quickly!! You are amazing! Congrats...wallpaper is too cool for school!

  4. LOVE!!! I have that dressing room wallpaper in my upstairs hall, and everyone always loves it!

  5. Love it all!!! Can't wait to check it out this week. :) I'm on my way home now!!!

  6. Looks great Amanda, cant wait to see the final product!
    xo Carla

  7. Can't wait to check out the new store! It looks like it will be AMAZING!!

  8. I think I need to plan a trip up there with the sole purpose of seeing this amazing place when it's all finished! I mean, that wallpaper alone!!! So in love, I'm kinda glad the other didn't work out because that stuff is *DA BOMB*. Yes, I pulled out *DA* for it. It's big.

  9. It looks gorgeous, girl! Nice work!

    Much Love,

  10. I was drooling over your Instagram all weekend!

  11. Sooooo darling!! What a gift you have!!!!

  12. Sooooo darling!! What a gift you have!!!!


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