Hump Day...thats what they call it.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hey ya'll.
Happy Wednesday right?
If you haven't already noticed I have made a couple changes around these parts.
First being that I am only posting on Monday~Wednesday~Friday. 
I hope this is ok with all of you.
I truly love blogging and {you} my readers so much.

But with the opening of a bigger store {dream come true} and with my controlling nature I am going to be taking on more hours there just to see her through any bumps, I am afraid I have to lessen a few other commitments.

I am hoping that with this little tweak, I can provide even better more unique postings.
I could never have come this far to let it all go now.
Please don't let this be the end of our beautiful relationship.

One of my very favorite things is getting to post about what inspires me and working with people I care deeply for.
So doing posts with my daughter is a special treat.
It's so enjoyable to sit back and let her gather inspiration and see her little personality come thru in her ideas.
Adding her as a contributor to this bog seemed just natural.
I am constantly blown away with the talent this little one has.

It's been long over due, but we give you another installment of.....

Haislee's inspiration for this post was this lemony little number.

{can not find the source}

Which I admit it wildly faboosh and has me looking for a vintage trench for my Dahl to rock this Fall.
And that wallpaper doesn't make me mad at all.

 If we could morph this ensemble into a room it would most defiantly be this one....

Pretty sure Haislee would spend all afternoon reading The Secret Garden on the top bunk.
Who am I kidding so would I.

As a color pallet its simply lovely.

Thanks to Sherwin Williams Chip it app I can turn any image into a color pallet made easy!
Even the Dahl can do it.

Hope to see you Friday!



  1. 3 days a week is good....I am considering doing that....its too much to post everyday...You have a lot on your plate. We understand. Love that lemmony vibe.....

  2. Three days a week is better than no days a week so you keep doing what you're doing sistah friend!

  3. lovely post, have a nice weekend


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