The weekend...and a farewell.

Monday, October 1, 2012

It's official.
I fully regret all the Nutella smores I downed last night.
I am to embarrassed to even say how many I ate, at the time it seemed like a good idea and now it's just painful.
In other news October 1st.
It can't be already?
Gahhhh but it is.
The kiddo's and I decked out the home for our favorite of Holidays.
Even if I am not ready to let go of my love for Summer sun.


Goblins and witches.
All kinds of spooky attire screams from our bookcases.
I will put together a full tour of the haunting fun.

We also frolicked in the water.
If you follow moi on instagram then you caught what is sure to be one of the last perfect days at our local Lake at the Hills.
For those of you who don't follow you should! I am under Rcycled, make sure to follow I would love to keep up with your too!

There was fabulousness in the water.

Time with my Lacey

And chocolate cupcakes in the sand.

Don't we all wish we could walk around in pure bliss and not give a $%*# what is on out cheeks.
I should have just licked em clean.
Farewell Summer I will miss thee.



  1. Loved these little dude eats a Nutella sandwich for breakie almost every day and ALWAYS looks like your little guy - too funny.

  2. Oh Lord - I downed half of a giant Symphony bar just before climbing into bed. Oh well, today's a new day/month, right? Happy Monday!

  3. These are just such cutie patootie pics of your farewell summer party...that chocolatey face is *perfection* (c; I seriously cannot believe that it's October...but I also have to admit that I'm *glad*! Bring on Autumn!

  4. it happens to the best of daughter and baked a cake yesterday and gobbled up huge pieces....and you have no idea how much butter the frosting has...I will maybe blog about the cake so you can see you are in good company. beautiful photos of the kiddos. I don't really have halloween decorations...but need to go and buy my pumpkins.

  5. love the decorations, but I too am very sad to say goodbye to summer.. painfully so :(


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