I did it...with some help of course!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Gosh has it really been 3 whole days since I posted last?
Shame on me.
And to make it even worse I don't even have any good update pics of the store to share.
I worked all day and didn't even insta once???
Double shame on me.

It's finally here....the pre-party launch of my new store is happening tonight!

A girls night to remember...I am sure there will be a few gentlemen too.
Who's coming?

I am truly shocked I pulled it off.
I did have some great helpers, my hubby of course and my parents came for a day to wrap things up.
So thankful for all the support and love.

Now it's just time to......

If your in town I hope you will stop in to our launch party!
Wish I could see you all there!

I have more big news I am bursting at the seams to share......all in good time!



  1. I want to know what the new news is!!! And man I'm bummed that I'm not closer to partake in all the awesomeness tonight. *disappointed tear* Buuuuttt...I have faith in you as a blogger to take many awesome pics for me to share in your joy vicariously (c;

  2. Have an amazing time lovely- so so happy for you!!!! And I can't WAIT to hear you new news:))))

  3. Your lack of Instagramming had me worried. Congrats! Please share photos!


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