I built a tree....and had a kick @$$ party.

Monday, November 5, 2012

To say that I am tired after this weekend would be an understatement. 
I could sleep till December...not really but you get the idea.
The launch party was a huge success I couldn't be more thrilled and thankful to own my little boutique.
I will get busy editing the pics to share on Wednesday, but in the mean time I have a little lucite DIY to blow yo' mind.

A few weeks back I instagramed a pic of my project Christmas tree.
It looked like this.

I adore putting together the window displays and this year I decided we needed a Christmas tree out of lucite.
Since I am married to superman he kindly obliged me and got to work.

I come up with the crazy a@$ ideas and he makes it happen.

We used a 2.5 inch rod for the trunk and .5 inch rod for the limbs.

Drilled alternating holes every 12 inches.
He also built the handy dandy wood holder to keep it in place as he "drilled it"

Finished she looked like this.
Airy and glam all at the same time.
She is hung from the ceiling so that with the slightest touch spins gracefully around.

I dressed her to go along with our 1960's Christmas display.
Hand blown glass balls with soft feathers are the perfect touch.

Happy Lucite.



  1. Brilliant! Where did you get the lucite?


  2. Ooh! I like it! At first I was kinda confused with how open it was, but then with the ornaments on it... I'm sold! I want one now!!

    Much Love,

  3. wao!! Lucky girl being married to superman! love the tree! so creative and different!

  4. That is completely amazing...all of it...Congrats on the new store (officially!) and seriously, you had me at lucite (c; I'm pretty sure every store needs a lucite Christmas tree.

  5. LOVE IT!
    xo Carla



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