My big news!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I have some news to it has nothing to do with the President.
Kinda over that, after hours of TV last night.
But air high fives if you voted.

This news is big for me....
I have been chosen to be a round table speaker at my favorite blogger conference!

That's right Alt Design Summit!
I have been doing cartwheels and silly dances for days waiting till I could spill the beans!

You can see the whole list of speaker here.

This is really such an honor for me and I can't thank Alt enough for the vote of confidance!
Now I better get my hinny in gear and put on an epic round table.
Tata for now see ya Friday!



  1. YES!!!! You are on a roll Missy!! I'm so glad your hard work is being recognized. This is amazing. I won't be able to go to Alt this time around so I'm bummed I will miss it.

  2. Amanda, congrats!!! How exciting! Wish I could go and see you there :)

  3. Booyah!!!! Congratulations!!!

    xo. Patience

  4. CONGRATS! :)
    xo Carla

  5. Congratulations Amanda!!! However I am not suprised you always have been a cut above the rest. Love ya!

  6. Ridiculously cool, my fine friend!!! I'm over the moon excited for you! There's only one thing wrong...I'm not going to be there!!! *tear* You will have to give us an *extensive* overview of the fabulousness (c:

  7. Congratulations! Theyre lucky to have you! I love your lucite tree you made!
    xo Nancy

  8. You are so LAME!!! Why must you keep secrets from me???? I am your sister for crying out loud! With that said I couldn't be happier for you. You deserve it. Love ya sis!

  9. Awesome, Amanda! They are lucky to have you!!


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