I'll be your tour guide.....

Monday, November 12, 2012

Oh baby has it been cold this weekend.
Just so sad to go from 70's, to butt freakin cold over night.
In the spirt of being grateful the good things are, cozy fires, layers, and nordic patterned thermals.
I'll try to think of three more tomorrow as to not drive myself crazy with my distain of bitter cold.
Moving on to the good stuff....
After a really great weekend and getting loads of stuff done around the house, I finally have a tour of the new store ready for you to peek at.


My name is Amanda and I will be your tour guide......

So in love with how my custom racks turned out.
Thanks Funder Welding.

Even a tiny bit of holiday spirt.

Lets face it though, it's way more fun to see it in person, so the next best thing is video right???

Check it out 



  1. Pure awesomeness!!!! COngrats....will click on the video for a better peek :)

  2. It looks AMAZING!!!
    xo Carla


  3. Wow it looks so great!!!
    I'm so sad that I can't see it for real ...
    Congratulations and let me know if you can ship some of your beautiful items to France ;)

  4. I'm pretty sure that I would give up an appendage to go to an amazing place like that everyday for work...you can put that into your list for tomorrow (c; And holy smokes, you have polka dot stockings!!! They are just too adorable for words!!!

  5. Absolutely love those custom racks and the store looks great from the photos. I am your newest follower!

    Southern Hospitality


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