It's almost HERE....and how to do it properly.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's just around the corner, I can almost taste the turkey and mashed potatoes.
We are going to have a intimate dinner this year but a grand one.

So lets talk food.
The table is the center piece but the buffet table need to be set properly or it won't function smoothly.
I found this to share on how the feast should be displayed.

This set up will ensure that the crowd moves and no one misses a thing!

Now if you are doing a small intimate dinner the table should be set proper like this.

These should make your day quick without to much fuss.

I get all giddy about my table design and have been gathering a few to inspire me.
I swoon at the simplicity of this one....

All the candle light in this one would be so lovely too....

I staged a whole table display for the store with all vintage dish ware to check this out.

What's inspiring you this holiday?

Images 1/2/3/4
The rest via {re}cycled consign and design


  1. Okay, I don't think I've ever given much thought the buffet setup/flow but *DANG* if that isn't a brilliant idea!!! I love that *and* your faux thanksgiving's ultra's to hoping/wishing mine looks half as good!!!

  2. Ohh! all so pretty! thanks for the reminder on the table setting.. I'm still working mine out in my head :o)

  3. Those charts are awesome! Just pinned them, thanks! I wish you the best tablescapes ever! Have fun planning.
    xo Nancy
    ( we have a giveaway this week if you want to check it out!)


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