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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ever been stuck in a car for 2 hours with barfing kids?
That was our ride back from SLC....it's not been super fun on this side for the past few days.

I am just praying that with constant hand washing and vitamins I won't get sick too.
I do not have time for that.

Did you all score any goodies at the Target sale?
Please share with the class.

Yes I got the dress and the bag.
Not to many people were harmed.


I feel so out of touch with blogging lately but I did catch a couple goodies.

My friend Christine's little gentle man's room was in Apartment Therapy.

Congrats its good stuff.


Did you catch this adorable post on Marysia Swim?

Chassity put together a fabulous list for all you preggos.

I am donzo having bebe, but I.DIE. over number 5.


Just a design I am working on.

I am available for hire drop me a line if you need help.
See ya tomorrow love~cats.



  1. love that chandie! Where is it from??

  2. Hope your kids feel better soon!! Geez! Kudos for surviving. Love that room...need that rug!!

  3. I desp need a pink sofa in my life. sigh.

    Yikes, hope everyone is feeling better soon, and no one else catches it.

    xo. Patience


  4. Thank you souch for the sweet mention!!! And I need that room your designing....stunning!!!

  5. Hope everyone is feeling better!
    xoxo Carla


  6. pink and gold... ahhh... love.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Good gravy...that sounds like the ride home from H-E-L-L...Sending super health vibes your way! And looooove that board...that art is so gorgeous and hello pink fab sofa! Sold. (c;


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