A superfly weekend and a teaser.....

Friday, November 30, 2012

Yaya it's Friday.
I am headed to SLC for a photo shoot with my soon to be 8 year old boy.
Got to get the job done so I can get some sweet shots for his big day!
And of course that Target Neiman Marcus sale is Saturday.....cue clouds parting and  an angel chorus singing.
It's going to be an epic weekend.

Things could turn farking bad if I don't get the items I am coveting.
I could end up on the news...the bad news section.

On a more exciting note I finished my dinning room design.
It had been submitted to Sherwin Williams for the Emerald Paint Challenge.
Ugh this kind of thing makes me all sorts of nervous.
We will find out in January how yours truly did.

I can't show the whole space but I will tease you with some detail shots...but no more.

It's kinda a dope marriage of moody masculine and modern feminine.
Peace out.



  1. That is the *DOPEST*....I can't believe you can't show us the rest until freakin' January!!! It looks insanely amazing...and I'm sending positive shopping vibes your way and crossing my fingers that you score all your goodies! It would be a terrible shame if you ended up in a cop car after your Tar-jay binge, no? (c;

  2. Looks fabulous!!!! I'm feeling good for you!

  3. That vintage frame is my favorite. I wanna see you 8 year baby!
    ~ Herman Swan

  4. I love details of rooms! Also, I love how gangsta you got at the end.


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