My local Holiday light tour.....

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I adore Holiday lights.
Kinda like a fat kid loves cake.
Pretty much with the same adoration.
So when I was asked to be on the local community board for the improvement of our local Downtown I jumped at the chance.

The very first thing on the agenda was adding a little more twinkle to our main street area.
Not only during Christmas, but white lights all year round!
Trees in the summer with sparkle....hell ya.

My new shop location is right in the heart of Cedar's downtown so any improvement to the area is a win win.

I took my family along for the lighting party and it turned out to be a great night.
There was a little speech by the Major and Christmas carols....then at 6:20 the whole downtown had a beautiful glow.

I put it together a short video tour check it out 
I was planning on sections with some of the solo carolers, but we had some technical difficulties.
Sorry for that.

Tour my downtown and see why I love Cedar City most during the Holiday.

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Music for video here.


  1. Well done you...I just watched the video and Cedar City (with your lighting help genius) looks gorgeous!

  2. you are so talented! wao! great video. Love your town...and your kids are precious!! The twon is lucky to have you

  3. No wonder it looks noticably more beautiful this year...Amanda's touch!

  4. That first photo looks like the seal pool at the Lincoln Park Zoo where I used to work. They have the best holiday lights there and these trees flashed on and off in time to music.



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