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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I hope everyones Holiday weekend was lovely.
I am still struggling to recoup after the Black Friday and Shop Local Saturday.
Hence the radio silence yesterday.

My little shop did great and I couldn't be happier.
I really appreciate all the local support.
And yours means so much.

On another topic my dear friend Christine the curator of....

She may just be the expert on the color pink, no joke.

Her little etsy shop is having a sale through Dec. 24th.
25% off.

This is good.
Very very good.

Pretty sure I need this one....

Oh and this one....

Santa....are you listening???


I am also on the edge of my seat in anticipation over the next Target collaboration.

This could quite possibly kill me.

50 of my favorite designers with different gifts.

It's this Saturday Dec. 1st.
But I wouldn't cry if you all forget and stay in bed.
Mamma wants to buy everything.

The top of the list includes.......ummm it all.

But really the Dahl needs this Marchesa dress.

I need the Oscar de la Renta bag.

If I get these two items all will be right in the universe.

But for bonus time I want....

Alice & Olivia

Brian Atwood

Tory Burch

And the list goes on, but if the Hubby is reading we don't want to panic him.
What he doesn't know won't hurt...right???

This is going to be epic.
Happy shopping.


And how could I forget my fellow Alt speaker Meg with her 

Curated by the best of the best bloggers.

It's live check it 


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  1. How sweet are you? Thank you SO much for including my shop in your post:))) xoxoxo

  2. I think your daughter needs that dress...too cute.....and if not maybe Santa can bring it ;)

  3. Oh be still my beating heart! I'm *SO* all over that Target colab...I've already scoped out a few beauts that must be mine (c; SOOOOO ridiculously excited!

  4. Yep, meet you at Target on Saturday! Hope I'm not disappointed.. That dress is adorable.
    xo Nancy


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