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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

So remember back at the end of last year I told you that my blog would be taking a bit of a turn and growing into herself?
My friend Mandi described it best by saying our blogs have kinda been going through puberty.
Giggles I know.
But so true.

I feel so excited about all the new adventures and amazing people I get to share with you this year!
My goal is to keep it more local.
I live in such an amazing place and have such talent all around me, I am shocked at how little I have shared.
Not anymore.
To kick of the changes I am going to tell you about my dear friend and down right amazing photographer.

She is stunning...non?
But her work, aka mad skillzzz are show stoppers.
Sara specializes in wedding and engagements, but can blow anything out of the water.
This vintage session is AH-MAZ-ING!

And this is her baby.....figures right?

Sara even did my Dahl's "something old" shoot for her future wedding!
Dress-up at it's finest!

I am truly blown away by the talented Miss Sara.
So blessed to call her a friend.
Despite how horrible I think I look in pics Sara did it new head shots are finished!
And I really like em'.
Check out more of her work here.
She is Utah based, but will travel.
You need her!
Book asap!
***All of these images are copyrighted by Sara Ursua***


  1. As a photographer I have to admit that this woman is fantastic! Great eye!

  2. OMG you and Dahl look gorgeous. I especially love the top right one of you.

  3. Gorgeous! You look great!
    xoxo Carla

    Thanks for the flattering post!

  5. She is completely amazing! I had to do some of the bridal shots for my sister's wedding last month and being a photog is a LOT harder than it looks! (c; And the new headshots are *MONEY*! Love them!

  6. oh yeay!! You look so beautiful!! She is so talented! ANd the ones of your baby girl are aaaahhhhhmazing! A true treasure

  7. She is so talented ... and you are gorgeous!! Love the new headshots!!


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