I'm back....and some over the top celebrations.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Gasp! I know right....your all shocked that I have a new post, right?
Huge thanks and wet sloppy kisses to all of you that hung in there while I holidayed with my family.
I know it was a long vacation.
They are all back in school now, the house is in order and it's work, work, work like normal.
I hope you all had a magical Christmas and made it back to the bump and grind of the New Year.

This year is shaping up to be a doosey.
Only a couple weeks in it's already full of unexpected surprises!
I can't wait to share some really great stuff with you....And catch up on all my favorite blogs.

I was thrilled and shocked to be asked to do a review on the new book
Not that I am in the wedding business or anything, but everyone loves a good party and thats what a wedding is right?

I was thinking it was going to be their latest magazine or something....but my heart skipped a beat when I opened up the envelope to this stunning hard coved book!

We all know my love affair with gorgeous books!
And this one is a show stopper.
Perfectly feminine and soft.

I know every time I see a lovely post on a whimsical wedding I wish I could redo my old wedding of 12 years ago.
Gahhh....this book is no exception. Every reception drives me to swooning over the next.
Maybe I will have a new wedding at the 15th year mark?
Something like this....

The lavender filled paper cones are so sweet and charming.

Oh and ummmm this couple's party is totally up my alley.
I really wish I had been invited to this shin-dig.
We totally could have been BFFs.

Seriously Abby Larson has put together a collection of unforgettable celebrations.
The back is even full of great personal DIY's that anyone can use for parties!
And lets not forget how exceptionally gorgeous the cover is....and how lovely it will look on my vanity!
Merci  Allison for the special treat.

If you want to get your own copy of this beauty go here.



  1. oh wao! What a fun project to review. I'm sure its stunning and filled with wonderful ideas.

  2. Sooooo gorgeous- happy to have you back!


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