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Monday, January 14, 2013

Welcome back lovers.
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

I have loads of fun news to share with you.
First off I am shooting a TV segment again this Friday!!!
I kinda get pretty excited about idea I would love it this much!
I am shooting with the same peeps, Debbie and Casey at Fresh Living.
For you local readers thats channel 2 at 1:00 PM Friday.
I promise to post the link as soon as it's live for the rest of ya.

It's going to be a natty segment involving a little of this.....

Don't miss out.
 We will even be shooting against a super-fly brick wall.
Just sayin'

But gets even better.
Well only if you are going to be part of my round table discussion  at Alt.
But it's still pretty sweet.
So remember back a few months ago when I told you that I was asked to lead a discussion on 

Huge I tell ya.
Seriously still in utter shock that they think I am qualified!
 I am totally doing it and hoping it turns out epic.

Lets hope anyway.

Back to the cool part.
So obviously there is a lot that goes into attracting the media etc....but we have to look the part. 
I teamed up with the leading authority on make-up

SEPHORA is putting together "Media Magnet Kits" for all my girls {and guys if there be any}
that come and join in my discussion!

Hell yeah!
Can I just say I love them like a fat kid loves cake!
They are so sweet to work with and I am just pleased as punch to be collaborating with such a lovely bunch of ladies!

So who's going to Alt and who's coming to brainstorm on this topic with me???
Your in now huh???



  1. WONDERFUL NEWS Amanda! You rock. Congrats on the TV gig and the ALT gig. I so wish I could be at Alt to hear it!

  2. oh girl i'm so excited!! this will be fabulous.

  3. SO exciting! All wonderful news. You are just getting more and more famous :) I wish I were going to ALT to hear you, learn from you and support you!! You have to tell us about it after!


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