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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Yesterday completely got away from me.
I had a great post almost done and ready to go, pending a few tweaks....but the time never happened.
It's going to have to wait till Friday to go up.
It will be worth it.

Lets just cover a few epic things that happened yesterday,
Meg the greatness launched her Manifesto line.

I know millions of you already saw this but for those that didn't check it {here}.
A limited addition tee with an amazing custom font and word every month!
Ooooo I love tee's.
Meg is faboosh!


These charms..............

I am completely smitten with these high fashion charms.
I was introduced over at Mimosa Lane {here.}
I am pretty sure my Dahl is going to need a collection of these lovelies.
Go read more about them from ML.


Hanging in till Friday I have a fun intro to a super fly hair chic.


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