Meet Lacy...and a bomb blow-out tutorial.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Hello love-cats.
 Friday was a crazy day with filming TV, so I am a weee bit behind schedule.
I will post the link of my latest segment as soon as it's live.
Thanks for all the love.

In other news I get the opportunity to share with you another amazing woman.
I know I have said it before, but I am truly blown away by how cool my friends are.
You are only as good as the people you surround yourself I must be doing ok, cause these women are legit.


Lacy is the mother of two adorable boys. 
Noah and Luke.
And her hubby is just about to graduate from law school.
Congrats to that.

She has been a Hairstylist for 10 years,  and worked at the Bellagio and Aria hotel in Las Vegas. She had been traveling from LA - New York to do Hair Extnesions. Started her own company "Laced Hair Extensions" 3 years ago.

You may have seen Lacy's work on
E! , Maxim magazine, VH1, platinum weddings reality show, Vegas Magazine, Full Tilt Magazine, Utah brides, √Član Magazine of St.George. Desert Models of Palm Springs.....I am kinda just bragging about her.
All true.
 Of course she styles my hair to, and I am totally a celebrity on this show!
Well I feel like one when she colors and cuts....she has had her hands in some pretty vogue peeps.

{On a side note this hottie photoed above is Rachel, she works for me at my boutique and is sporting Laced Extensions}

Lacy just launched her new ombre' line. Comes in 4 custom shades. I am trying to get her to name the dark one after me, it looks just like my color! 
It should be "amanda" huh?
She is even launching a clip in line, "I Do" coming soon.
The name is oh so sweet....non?
So all you brides or ladies that just want super-fly hair for a weekend these will be perfect!
Same outstanding quality at the bonded ones too.

Lacy is also a pro at blow-outs.
Like the Dry Bar, only maybe better.
So I sat her down and had her put together and exclusive tutorial for all you ladies {and gents too}
If you wanna blow out like a pro, here are all the tips you need.


Lacy recommends these products to start.
The brushes should be a high quality bore brush, but this will work with big velcro rollers too.
If you want to invest in brushes you will need 5 for my amount of hair....less for shorter.
Lacy supplies these as well.

Start with cheesey smiles.
1-add oil and remove 80% of water from hair.

2- divide and conquer. Aka part the hair, sections can vary 2-4" in width  depending on the hairs natural frizzyness and curls. 

3-dry your bangs first, that will ensure you get the kinks out before drying the rest. Make sure to use your blow dryer nossel, it allows you to get close to the hair shaft without damage and gives it brilliance and shine. 

4. Start at the back section and leaving your brushes or velcro rollers in as you go up the head. 

Keep your nosle pointing down to smooth hair and help with sexy shine.

5. Once you've made your way up (back, sides and top) blast the rollers or brushes with cool air, the cooler hair helps the curl to set. 

Pull brushes or rollers out.

Style and spray.
Kinda like a fluff and fold.

Look at how it curls!
And it will last for days.
My only tip is Don't Touch It!
The less you touch, which is super hard when it looks this good, the longer it lasts.

You must wear matching jeans when you are finished.

Thanks for the tips Lacy, I am so proud of you and your epic business!
No go make the world beautiful of head of hair at a time.

PS one more pic of me because my hurrrrr steals the shot.
Your welcome.

Yes Lacy did my color, in case you were wondering.
Contact her { here } with any hairy questions!



  1. awesomeness....I need her here in Dallas....boy is my hair the recommendations of products and tips! Yes, m'am...will do all that!!

  2. Hi gorgeous! Now that is one fab blow out! Wish she were here in NY :)

    Hope you're doing well, sweetie. xoxo

  3. You're stunning Amanda! Thanks for sharing this. I've never thought of using more than one brush. Such a great idea.

  4. Lacy is the bomb and I want her to move to Charleston. You know you want to Lacy!!!

    1. Chassity, It is our dream to move to Charleston. (still is) We actually went there a few times for possible law jobs... tell your hubs to hook it up!! ;)

  5. Great tips. Love your new headshot! Stunning!
    xoxo Carla

  6. Thank you Amanda! Such sweet words written about me!! I love you and your hair more than life... Oh and my extension color 1B/5 Ombre aka the Amanda... xxoo

  7. hello beautiful! you are looking nice, cute, gorgeous. Brown and light brown color combination is excellent. I am also a hair stylist and doing a job at Tempe salons.


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