I am back....plus a sweet treat.

Monday, February 4, 2013

It's Monday.....and I am alive!
After spending the last week in bed {really not exaggerating} I couldn't be happier to start a new week.
I know I have loads to catch up on, like Alt and every detail.
But huge hugs for hanging in there and all the sweet texts and messages from you.
I have the best readers hands down!

First off Alt was a blast.
I hung with some pretty stellar girls and learned a few tricks.
I am putting the post together on that today so it will be up to share in no time.

One of the sponsors of Alt was Airheads....you know the chewy sugar overload candy that you love but don't want to admit. {excluding blue raspberry}
I adore lemonade, but who's sharing?
Any-who they are hosting a contest to craft a Valentine using the delish treat.
I thought it would be a perfect Sunday pastime with the kiddo's....considering my lack of mothering over the last week and a half.
And it was the Super Bowl so I need some sort of entertainment too.

We came up with a pretty legit project y'all.
Read on.....

The supplies.

Loads of airheads.
Something that cuts out a tiny circles about 2.5 inch diameter. 
Cookie sheet.

Spray the sheet with pam.
Lay your airheads side by side in whatever color pattern you like.
Put them in a warm oven 170 for 3-4 min.
Just till soft and you can squish the seams together.

Let cool and cut out tiny circles with your cutter.
Smooth the edges with your finger so they look perfect.

Fold circle over and softly bend into a cookie shape.
Write your own messages and give to someone special.

What do you think?
If you love me click here to vote....my kids are real excited about this!
Thanks Airheads for the fun challenge!



  1. That is so creative! Glad to hear that you're feeling better ;)

  2. So darling, they even have little fortunes in them??? Love it, plus I'm an airhead fan myself, so yummy, too (c; Just pinned this little gem...

  3. oh wao!! I'm so impressed! Glad you are better!! ALt recap please!

  4. you think of everything--these are amazing! glad you're feeling better, lady! xo


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