Knock knock.....we are talking doors this morning.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Who's happy for the mid-week?
Oooo oooo me me!
Time flies when your not stuck in bed.

On the new home front, we closed on our old lot and are purchasing a new one.
I am meeting with our architect today to be sure of the house plans on the lot before we buy.
Now we just need to sell our dang house!
Please make this happen.....

I have details on the brain.
Door details that is.
Painted, glossy, trimmed etc.

I came across this door over at Mimosa Lane this week, and it stopped me dead in my tracks.

Such an amazeballs way to add detail to an other wise inexpensive door.
It could be recreated with a poster and wallpapered in place.
Done and done.

Loving the little pops of detail.
Again just on a standard door.

Maybe a little more graphic?
The upholstered one would take more time but I have seen it done on LGN before.

Straight up painted always makes me happy!
I am instantly attached to the black but the that green...oh that green.

One thing for sure, no plain white doors in the new casa.
Here's my question to you.....can you mix the color of the doors inside the rooms?
I mean if the main area doors are all black per say,  and in the master you want to do them green inside,
can you???


Images via and edited here.


  1. i love looking at pictures of doors on Pinterest! I even have a board with all kinds of pretty doors. Unfortunately we are not going to be allowed to paint our front door at our soon to be rental so I am now focusing on wreaths!

  2. Love them!! I would definitely do the neon painted on the edge of the door. I love that!

    Much Love,

  3. Yeah, those mural paneled doors killed me, too! Love them. I love painted ( solid) doors the best. I do not think you mix door colors within a room personally, but prove me wrong!
    xo Nancy

  4. Thanks for featuring the door!! Glad you liked it! I love the door with gold trim. So excited about you building your home! My dream come true! Good luck with the process. Fingers crossed for you!! xx


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