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Monday, February 11, 2013

Good Morning Monday!
My apologies that my post was not up Friday, but it seems the internet net was not woking due to the 
8-9 inches of snow we got dumped on....oh and it's still coming down.
Not that I am crazy and thought that happy little blue birds and flowers where going to start singing soon, it's just I can't take anymore cold.

Just a few more weeks I hope.

I do have some exciting news to share, even if it's a dreary start to the week.
So a few months back I participated in a challenge by Sherwin Williams using their new Emerald paint line.
You know the one with no VOC.
Great stuff I tell ya.

And guess what?
I three.
Yup even some prize $$$ involved.

I got permission to share a few peeks of the space.
They will reveal the whole design with a new app they are launching this spring!
With yours truly in it!

The dope sign is custom and I now sell them in my store if anyone is interested!

I can't believe I won with my very own design!
I think it calls for a Monday morning ...... Happy Dance!



  1. Dun Dun DUN!! So proud of you friend!!! Sharing!

  2. It is beautiful, but I don't understand the "dope" sign

  3. I want/ NEED those drapes!!!!!!!!!! Did you make them or buy them??? Where????

    1. Thanks so much! They are custom out of vintage fabric....I adore them too!


  5. Holy blizzard. Yikes.

    Your dining room is bad ass. You definitely deserve a gold metal!

    xo. Patience.

  6. Nice work!! I can't wait to see the final reveal.

  7. LOVE the Dope sign!...and the vignette it's featured in! Yes, yes, yes!


  8. congrats!!! wao! So exciting...that wall is INSANE!!! Good creative. wanna come and paint my bathroom!? Love the DOPE! do you sell this one online too?

  9. Way to go, lady! I'm super proud of you!!!! That's amazing! I want to see more of this space now. And that dope sign is.. well, dope! ;)

    Much Love,


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