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Monday, February 25, 2013

We'll here we are again the start of another week.
I hope the weekend brought you all the R&R you were looking for.
I spent the weekend with my Mr. touring some local Parade Homes. 
Although I wasn't blown away with any one home this year I did enjoy some details and thought I would share.

I adore the idea of a pedi sink nestled in a bank on drawers.
And the tilted mirror A+.

Of course pink is always a hit and this was done in a very romantic way.
I don't love the finish of the chady would be amazing in brass...but the shape I love.

I am dying to blow up my own beach pics and do a little DIY....non?
Wallpaper, metallics, framed map....good, good.

A good modern is always nice.
This fireplace really inspires me....gets my mind a turnin'.
The asymmetrical lines are my jam.
Not a huge fan of dark cabinets ,but something about this kitchen works for me.

So how about you?
Anything inspiring your creative juices this Monday morning?



  1. All of these things are good, but I'm with you.. they seem kind of like the catalog home. Nothing in there really zings me. Honestly, I would love to see a departure from the Restoration Hardware look for a little bit. Bring in something with some personality and pizazz. I like the details of these spaces, but they're lacking umph when put together in those ways.

    Much Love,

  2. Your bathroom interior and all the other stuff in the rooms is nice. Wall decoration, ceiling decoration, decorate the bed and other furniture in very good manners. You did really hard work. I am also thinking about purchase the furniture from furniture online stores but i am little bit confused about the furniture and house color combination.


Your thoughts are priceless...thank you.

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